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Digital Twin Life directed by Michael Arias

NTT Digital Twin Life

concept video

2019 2.5m 16:9

an stu / Broadmarks / NHK Enterprises production designed and directed by Michael Arias director of photography Masayuki Fuji music by Plaid

  • English
  • 日本語

Imagine a world. A world where you can build anything you can dream of. And then observe it, in real time, right before your eyes. A world where limitless computing power, and all the human knowledge in the world, are right there, at your fingertips. And now, imagine another world: A world where you have the time to spend with the people you care about. There’s the world where technology allows you to optimize processes, and predict design flaws. And then, there’s the other world, where you have the freedom to do, whatever you choose. In one world, you work together, with others, in a dynamic environment of maximum efficiency. And, in the other world, you get to focus on what really matters. Do you dream of a slow life? Take all the time you like. Now, imagine a future, not too long from now, in which you can occupy both of these worlds at once. There’s the virtual workspace, where your digital twin, a perfect digital replica of you, with all your knowledge and experience, interacts with other digital twins. And then, there’s the real world, a hands-on world of choice and freedom, where you call the shots, while at the same time your digital twins do the job, and report back to you. Technology... And humanity. The virtual world... And physical reality. Your digital twin... And you. Digital Twin Computing—Together We Can Change The World.


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